Bachelors in Computer Application


An Introduction to BCA:

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is a 3 years undergraduate degree program in computer science. The BCA program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of computer systems, programming languages, software development, database management, and network administration. Students gain practical skills through engaging in brainstorming exercises, projects, and internships that foster their mastery of various programming languages and software development tools. The BCA curriculum encompasses a diverse range of subjects, including computer programming, data structures, algorithms, computer networks, database management systems, graphic designing and animation, web designing and development, software engineering, and computer architecture.

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    Who is eligible to pursue BCA at RNRM College?

    To pursue BCA at RNRM College, you must have successfully completed 10+2 in relevant subjects with decent grades/ with a minimum of 55% marks.

    Career opportunities after completing a BCA program

    After completion of the BCA program, a wide range of exciting career opportunities opens up across various industries in the field of computer science and information technology. Some potential career paths for BBA graduates are:

    Rao Neki Ram College’s BCA Program Admission Procedure

    Admission for RNRM’s BCA program is based on the qualification and percentage of the candidate’s 10+2 results.

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      RNRM’s BCA Programme Fee

      Keeping the quality of education high and fees affordability in mind, RNRM is offering the BCA education program at just only INR 35,000.

      Why pursuing a BCA program from Rao Neki Ram College is the best option for you?

      Pursuing the BCA program from Rao Neki Ram College offers exceptional benefits for your professional growth and success that prepares you to make a rewarding career in the field of computer science and information technology.

      At RNRM, we focus on your overall development, emphasizing excellent faculties, spacious classrooms, and high-tech labs. Our BCA course is approved by DTE, Panchkula.

      With excellent faculty and a comprehensive curriculum, you receive the latest industry-relevant knowledge and skills, quality education, networking opportunities, internships and placements, and advanced career options in the field of computer science.

      RNRM also provides excellent package placement in top leading MNCs and organizations, thus making it the best choice for all.

      Program Structure

      Ist Semester: 2nd Semester:
      * Problem-Solving Techniques Using C

      * Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation

      * Discrete Mathematics

      * Programming Lab

      * Digital Electronics Lab

      * Language

      * Common Core Courses
      * Data Structures

      * Database Management Systems

      * Statistics Core

      * Data Structures Lab

      * Database Management Systems Lab

      * Interdisciplinary Elective I

      * Internship (I1-MIP)

      * Common Core Courses
      3rd Semester: 4th Semester:
      * Object-oriented Programming Using Java

      * Operating System Core

      * Unix Programming Core

      * Object-oriented Programming Using Java Lab

      * Unix Programming Lab

      * Interdisciplinary Elective II

      * Internship (I2-CIP)

      * Common Core Courses
      * Software Engineering

      * Design and Analysis of Algorithms

      * Microprocessor Core

      * Data Communications and Networks

      * Microprocessor Lab

      * Interdisciplinary Elective III

      * Internship (I3-MIP)

      * Common Core Courses
      5th Semester: 6th Semester:
      * C# Programming Core

      * C# Programming Lab Core

      * Python Programming Lab

      * Interdisciplinary Elective IV

      * Internship (I4-SIP)

      * Common Core Courses
      * Cloud Computing

      * Cloud Computing Lab

      * Data Analytics Lab

      * Capstone Project

      * Internship (I2+I4)
      5th Semester: Elective 5th Semester: Elective (Practical)
      1) Artificial Intelligence

      2) Web Technologies

      3) Network Information Security

      4) Data Warehousing and Mining

      5) Mobile Applications
      1) Artificial Intelligence Lab

      2) Web Technologies Lab

      3) Network Information Security Lab

      4) Data Warehousing and Mining Lab

      5) Mobile Applications Lab
      6th Semester: Elective A 6th Semester: Elective A (Practical)
      1) Internet of Things

      2) Advanced Web Technologies

      3) Ethical Hacking and Cyber Law
      1) Internet of Things Lab

      2) Advanced Web Technologies Lab

      3) Ethical Hacking and Cyberlaw Lab

      What are the expected outcomes of our BCA program for you?

      Our BCA program is designed to provide you with a variety of expected outcomes that will highly benefit your professional growth and career advancement. Some of the expected outcomes are:

      Frequently Asked Questions about RNRM’s BCA Program.

      What is the duration of the BCA program at RNRM College?

      The entire BCA program is designed for 3 years.

      What are the admission requirements for the BCA program?

      Applicants need to have at least 55% marks in their 10+2 education. They can then fill up an application form either online or at our college premises and then submit it with required documents such as passport-size photographs, self-attested copies of 10th, and 10+2 mark sheets, and the required processing fee. There will be a basic standardized assessment test that they need to qualify, to enroll themselves for the BCA program. They can also directly reach out to us for accurate and up-to-date information.

      Does RNRM College offer placement assistance to BCA students?

      Yes, for sure. We offer excellent placement opportunities in various industries including Banks, NBFC, and MNCs, ensuring attractive packages to our students.

      What are the fees for the BCA program at RNRM College?

      You can pursue your BCA course at an affordable price of just INR 35,000 only.

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